Crowdfunding pathways out of poverty

Do Good Together is a launchpad for creative development practitioners, providing the tools to collectively garner resources and the support they need to make change in the communities they serve.

Kim & Andy are fundraising for education in Cambodia
(1726 HHA)

Help children in Cambodia achieve their dreams through education.

$291.00 Raised 19.40%
$1,500.00 Goal
291 Days to Go
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Christmas for Cambodia
(1726 HHA)

Let's educate 20 Cambodian children in 2020

$133.00 Raised 5.12%
$2,600.00 Goal
46 Days to Go
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Solomon Islands Education Project ( 1620 SIEP)

Improve nurses education Solomon Islands        

$0.00 Raised 0%
$20,000.00 Goal
61 Days to Go
Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands