Crowdfunding pathways out of poverty

Do Good Together is a launchpad for creative development practitioners, providing the tools to collectively garner resources and the support they need to make change in the communities they serve.

Break the Hunger Cycle this Christmas (1718 BTHC)

Improve the lives of Cambodian children by establishing vegetable gardens at schools

$1,675.00 Raised 13.96%
$12,000.00 Goal
38 Days to Go
, Cambodia

Sally’s 34th Birthday Fundraiser
(1726 HHA)

Empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves

$1,323.00 Raised 88.20%
$1,500.00 Goal
9 Days to Go
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Kim & Andy are fundraising for education in Cambodia
(1726 HHA)

Help children in Cambodia achieve their dreams through education.

$331.00 Raised 22.07%
$1,500.00 Goal
223 Days to Go
Siem Reap, Cambodia