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Dropping out of school does not have to be a permanent fact of life


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Debbie McBurnie

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Debbie McBurnie
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A little bit of context

COVID and its domino effects were undeniably harsh. Already basic lives came to a stop.   Schools had to close. There were casualties and sadly, more children were orphaned.  Regrettably that quintessential tool that we all know will help break the poverty cycle – education – has been on hold for almost two long years.  BUT NOT ANY MORE!

How you can help

After an extended in-country visit, considerable consultation and negotiation, a reformatted school program is at the starting line.  We would like to thank all of our faithful sponsors for being with us during this difficult time and we invite all our old and new donors and sponsors to come on board and share our excitement for the future. It includes:

  • Catch-up tuition programs,
  • Quality education for all students,
  • Scholarships for students and
  • Improved futures for Filipino youth through vocational training.

Our priorities are

  • Refurbishment of Classrooms
  • Desks for students
  • Teachers Desks
  • Shelving for Classroom Resources
  • Fans and better lighting in classrooms
  • Ceiling in one classroom
  • Tiling on the floor of one classroom
  • Employment of 6 teachers

Our Goal

$25,500 – Refurbishment of 5 classrooms @ $5,100 each

$27,000 – Employment of 6 teachers @ $4,500 each year

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Desk for one student

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Teachers Desk

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Shelving for classroom resources

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3 fans and better lighting for one classroom

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Ceiling for one classroom

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Tiling on the floor in one classroom

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Employment of 6 teachers for one year

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Refurbishment of one classroom

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