Celebrating Christmas at Light of Hope Cambodia 2021 (1808 VINE)

Bring laughter & joy to a Cambodian child this Christmas

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Debbie McBurnie

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Debbie McBurnie
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It’s time for some Christmas Joy

2021 has continued to bring challenges and changes around the world and these have been felt especially hard in the communities in Cambodia.  The situation in Cambodia finally seems to be turning a corner, we don’t quite know what is around the bend but we praise God for His guidance and care through the past year.  We are looking forward to sharing with our community in a spirt of love, joy and new hope in this Christmas season.

We want to make Christmas a time of childish laughter and joy

We are inviting you to join with us in making 2021 a year to celebrate with childish laughter and joy.

We plan to re-enact the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve at the school, where we can share with around  400 students.  We will share some simple treats together and an afternoon of games and lots of fun.

For each of the 103 students that we support and care for through sponsorship, we will provide a special Christmas Dinner where each child will receive a personally chosen gift to surprise and delight them. This gift is more than a new t-shirt, towel or blanket; it’s a reminder they matter and they are loved.

You can join us

 The donations that we receive will be used to:

.   Provide an acted Christmas Story program for the K-12 School and an afternoon of celebration and games.

.   Prepare a small celebration meal on the night of Christmas Day to celebrate together with the 103 sponsored children and

.   Purchase a personally chosen gift that they really need; things like clothes, shoes, a blanket or a towel, for each of the 103 children/youth sponsored.

.   If you sponsor a child at Light of Hope and would like the gift to go specifically to them, we encourage you to send a message and a photo to: info@lightofhopecambodia.org and we will print them out and give them to the children.  The children love to receive a simple note and photo when you gift to them.  These little tokens of care are treasured.

.   Provide beautiful memories treasured for life.


Follow Light of Hope at: http://www.facebook.com/lightofhopecambodia


If you would like to make a recurring donation to Light of Hope, please use this link:   https://www.wra.org.au/1808lightofhope


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Gift of reading or picture books

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Gift of School supplies and stationary for the new year of study

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Gift of a new set of clothing depending on the childs needs

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Gift of a blanket, towel and hygiene pack

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Christmas Dinner and Celebrations for 10 children living in care at Light of Hope

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Games and Snacks for 50 School Children in celebrating Christmas Day together

18 supporters


Provide costumes and props to share the STORY OF CHRISTMAS with 600 children

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Glen Draeger $100.00 November 16, 2021
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