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Debbie McBurnie

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Debbie McBurnie
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Right now, with the economic impacts of COVID-19 on the Cambodian economy, many of the community members Human and Hope Association serves are facing life-threatening challenges of having their incomes cut when so many were already living on or below the poverty line (US $1.90 per day). Very few people have savings to fall back on and there is no government safety net.  An estimated loss of just 30 cents US per day in income per person would double the country’s poverty rate (UN World Food Program). Many women and children will be impacted by increased domestic violence as financial pressures increase.

Additionally, we are very concerned that the low educational attainment in these communities means there is very limited knowledge of how to keep themselves safe with basic hygiene during the global pandemic. Poor housing and childhood malnutrition create extra risk factors for those who do contract the virus.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We know from global research and our own experience that women are incredible agents for change in their communities. That’s why we provide vocational training every year to a new class of women, providing them with the education they need to lift their families out of poverty. Additional integrated workshops in hygiene and health, organic farming, finance management, domestic abuse and other life-skills help to address their most pressing-needs.

In the past seven years:

  • 68 women have completed the Sewing Vocational Training Program
  • 37 have started their own business
  • 31 are employed by commercial manufacturers
  • 16 have built new homes
  • In the coming months, HHA will be employing 10 seamstresses to sew 5000 fabric facemasks to help prevent COVID-19 infection for 1,000 families most at need. This will allow the women to continue to lift themselves and their families out of poverty through their employment
  • Many have savings for the first time in their lives, providing extra security during economic downturn.


That’s why we are asking for your help to support a class of 12 women to undertake life-changing vocational training that has  a long lasting impact on their ability to provide for their family, their hygiene, nutrition and health, their status in their home and community, and their housing.

HHA’s Sewing Vocational Training program has a long waitlist. Right now, during the most difficult economic times Cambodia has faced in recent years, there are women and their families living in sub-standard housing, with a bare subsistence of income. Students in the sewing program:

–         Receive a daily stipend of food to help them feed their families while they are learning

–          Participate in weekly life-skills workshops that address their most pressing needs

–          Are supported through a mentoring program that encourages their confidence in goal-setting and financial independence through saving and managing the microloans that allow those who start home businesses to own their own sewing machine.

–          Are supported to enroll their children in HHA’s education programs

We have such an incredible opportunity to help women shape their futures in spite of the huge challenges COVID-19 has added to their lives. 

Your support today, no matter how small has a huge impact.

Thank you for your support!

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