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Debbie McBurnie

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Debbie McBurnie
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Make an significant impact RIGHT NOW –  by supporting farming practices that provide healthy food for students and an income for school communities in the Philippines

This is your opportunity to make a difference in developing sustainable schools and providing healthy food for the school community.

Our campaign will focus on establishing nutritional vegetable gardens connected with schools to teach valuable skills and build knowledge in gardening, food nutrition and sustainable farming concepts and practices.

After a recent extended in-country visit, a new school agricultural program is at the starting line and we need your support to make this happen.

A bit of context

COVID-19 is having a huge impact across the planet, particularly in communities who live from day-to-day or have limited opportunities to access safety nets that are available in developed countries.

The war in Ukraine is having a global impact on food supply, fertilisers and prices and this trend is likely to get worse as time goes on.

Our Approach

We are seeking to educate and train students in schools that have access to land to grow healthy nutritious food for the school community and generate a sustainable source of income to further support teachers and develop school facilities.

We have trusted partners who need money to quickly establish agricultural programs which will help meet the needs of the school community, provide financial support to the schools and generate employment.

Thankfully, we are ready to start. We already have land which is naturally fertile and purpose ready.  We have schools that are eager to participate and have access to willing labour.  We also have the generous input of successful farmers willing to share their skills.

Our support will provide basic resources required to grow food, crops and where appropriate to breed animals. We provide tanks and drums for water storage. We provide solar panels to minimise power costs.  We need sheds for safe storage, and markets to commercially return funds to the farm and school community.  We source access to seeds, teaching people how to save seeds from their harvest for distribution to others.  Help is at hand – your hand!  Just push the button!  Please donate now.

Your donation will help us:

  • Provide garden tools, seeds and equipment needed to start vegetable gardens
  • Provide fencing
  • Provide water tanks, irrigation equipment and water
  • Source seeds or livestock
  • Identify markets for commercial partnerships
  • Give financial support until the production starts
  • Provide training and agricultural advice

* This appeal is an initiative of Projects of Promise and World Relief Australia.

Tax Deductibility Information

Gifts $2 and over are tax deductible. To qualify for tax deductibility, gifts must be unconditional. The Trustees of the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund (ABN 96112236539) undertake to allocate your gift according to your wishes, or if that is not possible, to another similar project. Unmarked gifts will be allocated to the area of most need. Administration costs are deducted prior to disbursement. All tax deductible donations will be recorded through the issue of an annual statement at the end of the financial year.

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Provides seed for a school garden

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Provides garden tools

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Helps pay for water tanks and irrigation equipment

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One solar panel to offset power costs

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Helps provide financial support until gardens start producing

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One solar electric pump to ensure adequate farm irrigation

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Helps fund an agriculture or complementary school teacher for one year

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Provides a complete package - water supply, tanks and irrigation equipment, seeds and tools for one school/community garden

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