Food Production for 50 families in rural Cambodia (1726 HHA)

Help Cambodians hardest hit by COVID-19 to produce their own food

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Cambodia’s tourism industry, which usually contributes around one-third of GDP (OECD 2019), has been decimated due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Siem Reap, our target area, is dependent on tourism as it is the location of the Angkor World Heritage Site.

Our program partner, Human and Hope Association Cambodia (HHA) has conducted a survey of families in need. 88% of those families have had at least one family member who lost their job as a result of the downturn in the tourism industry. 67% of the families are in debt, with regular repayments required. 27% of the families have to pay regular medical bills.

Working with the Chief of the Sambour Commune, HHA has identified that food security is the primary need of families who have been hit by the impact of COVID-19. Since early May, the team has distributed 220 emergency food packages to the 257 families that were identified as food insecure by the commune authorities. As emergency food packages are a short-term solution, the team surveyed the families on what support they needed to produce their own food.

68% of families stated that they would like support through training and resources so they could grow their own vegetables using the limited land they have. 

The first round of the Home Garden Project will support 50 families most in need in the Sambour Commune, with the goal of establishing food production using their existing land. HHA’s Project Coordinators will conduct hands-on training and mentoring, providing the families with free seeds, fertiliser and resources to launch their own gardens. The families will be provided with recycled containers and wood to make their own vegetable beds, utilising their limited land.

The training course will include the importance of using natural resources to grow vegetables as opposed to dangerous chemicals, choosing the right vegetables for their land, how to grow vegetables and how to make their own fertiliser. Following training and mentoring, the Project Coordinators will continue informally mentoring the families for two months, in order to provide support and ensure the success of these gardens in establishing long-term food security.

It costs just $128 to provide a family with long-term food security.

Thank you for your support.

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Provide five packs of vegetable seeds to a family

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Support one family through the Home Garden Project

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