New Classrooms for the Malighat Community School (1805 MCS)

Help us build two new classrooms and educate more children

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Debbie McBurnie

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Debbie McBurnie
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In the past few years, the enrolment rates at the Malighat Community School have increased rapidly.  We now have over 200 students learning at our desks every day, and many more on the wait-list.

In order to educate more students, we are building two more classrooms.  But we need your help!

Many of our students come from poor families and rely on study scholarships.  Literacy rates in Bihar are low, which greatly affects a child’s ability to become an active member of their society.

By building two additional classrooms, we will be able to educate up to 50 more students each year, and employ two new teachers.  This will help us keep our class sizes below 20 students (the average in Bihar is 60 students per class), which helps to ensure a high-quality learning environment.

We are still working hard to bring our Naturopathy Centre to life, and the funds raised last year by individuals at ServiceNow have helped ensure we are more sustainable.  In the meantime, our school continues to gain support and respect in the community, and we’d love your support in bringing the opportunity of education to more deserving children.

All funds raised will go towards the additional classrooms, the school’s ongoing operations and the development of the Naturopathy Centre.


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Will provide every student with school stationery for one year

4 supporters


Will provide a half scholarship for one student for the entire year

5 supporters


Will provide a full scholarship for one student for the entire year

9 supporters


Will provide a nutritious lunch for all students for six months

2 supporters


Will provide a teachers salary for the year

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Andew Herbert $250.00 August 05, 2019
Priyadharshini Radhakrishnan $100.00 August 05, 2019
Shinya Ina $200.00 August 05, 2019
Anonymous $50.00 August 05, 2019
Vamsi Krishna Sistla $250.00 August 05, 2019
Daniel Sheppard $200.00 August 05, 2019
Hui Peng Goh $50.00 August 05, 2019
Nikolina Shepherd $50.00 August 05, 2019
Pascal Jeanne $200.00 August 01, 2019
Nick Pike $250.00 July 27, 2019
Daniel Wik $100.00 July 26, 2019
Glenn Borin $1,000.00 July 21, 2019
Raksha Srinivas $100.00 July 08, 2019
Abhinav Ramaseshan $150.00 July 08, 2019
Deborah Kearney $500.00 July 04, 2019
Chhavi Shah $200.00 July 01, 2019
Anonymous $800.00 June 30, 2019
Rachel White $500.00 June 29, 2019
Bram Booth $100.00 June 25, 2019
Anthony Wilson $50.00 June 25, 2019
Zac Murray $250.00 June 25, 2019
Robyn Vize $250.00 June 17, 2019
Jess Jacobson $10.00 May 21, 2019